Boot Repairs

There’s no reason to part with a good pair of boots because they become worn out or damaged. Instead, let Carter’s Boots and Repair breathe new life into your favorite pair! We offer a full scope of boot repair in Bozeman, MT and can expertly address most styles of boot to provide expert care and restoration.

The majority of our work is done on leather boots and we’re familiar with all styles and types of footwear. Come to us for a full heel and sole replacement for your work boots, or guard repairs for your western boots in Bozeman, MT.

Repair Services We Offer

See below for our full scope of boot repair services. Please keep in mind that we charge a minimum $10 on all shop repairs:

Western Boots

  • Full sole and heel: $120
  • 1/2 sole and heel: $90
  • 1/2 sole only: $65
  • 1/2 sole guard: $30
  • Heels only: $35

Working and Hunting Boots

  • Logger(lug) Vibram: $130
  • Logger(lug) heels: $45
  • Packer (full sole and heel): $130
  • Packer Heel only: $35
  • Hiking Vibram: $100 – $130 W/Midsole
  • Wading Boots/Felt: $70

Casual and Dress Boots

  • Full Sole and heel: $120
  • 1/2 sole and heel: $90
  • Ladies 1/2 sole and heel: $65
  • Heels – Pumps: $15-20
  • Dress: $20-25
  • Loafers: $30

Birkenstock Boots

  • Resole: $60
  • Vibram sole: $75
  • Rebuild: $120
  • Cork: $5 per corner
  • Heel taps: $25

Pac Boots

  • Rebottom: $75

Expert Boot Repair Services

When they become compromised, your boots deserve expert repairs. The team at Carter’s Boots and Repair is ready to deliver it. We take pride in precision quality work and have the experience needed to perform a full scope of repairs. We’ll get your boots looking their best again in no time, with the strength to carry on for years more to come.

Bring your boots into our location today or give us a call at 406-585-8607 to learn more about how we can assist you.

*Prices are subject to change depending on time and materials required for a particular job.

**Prices include work on both shoes or boots unless otherwise indicated.