It’s summer, and that means it’s time to venture forth into the great outdoors. Mother Nature is on full display and the weather is warm. Of course, you want to make sure you’re adequately prepared, no matter if your journey is for a few hours or a few weeks.

Let’s take a look at three must-have items for every hiker.

Hiking boots

Hiking bootsA pair of rugged, durable hiking boots in Bozeman, MT is absolutely essential no matter where you’re hiking. You’ll encounter rocks, streams and uneven terrain on pretty much any hike in the West. You want boots that will stand up to whatever the weather and terrain throw at you.

The last thing you want is to end up with a sprained ankle out in the middle of the wilderness, because you decided your sneakers were going to be fine. Spoiler alert: they’re not! You need hiking boots that cover the ankle and provide essential support. You’ll also want to break in the hiking boots as much as possible before heading out onto the trails. This is to ensure that you keep blisters to a minimum.

All this means that you’ll want to purchase hiking boots in Bozeman, MT from a trusted retailer. Carter’s Boots and Repair is the leading choice in the region due to our superior service and top-quality products. We’ve helped hikers enjoy all the region’s mountainous trails by providing hiking boots that stand the test of time.

Hiking socks

Hiking socksYou’re going to want a pair of hiking socks to go along with those boots. Regular socks just aren’t going to get the job done. These are also great for preventing blisters and keeping adequate airflow.

Just like with boots, you’ll want to wear your new socks a few times and wash them a few times before you hit the trails. Many hiking socks can last you up to 1,000 miles, so you won’t need to keep buying new pairs like you do with athletic socks.

Hiking backpack

If you’re only going out for a few hours, a standard backpack will do the trick. But if you’re planning an overnight journey, a hiking backpack is a must have. You’ll need a place to pack your tent, clothes, snacks and other gear, so investing in a hiking backpack is just a smart idea.

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