One of the most iconic types of American headwear is the cowboy hat. This fashionable and functional hat has its origins in the 1800s, when flat-brimmed hats with rounded corners were popularized by manufacturers like Stetson. The design for the cowboy hat was based off of hats worn by Mexican vaqueros (or cattle drivers) in the 18th century. The unique design of the cowboy hat effectively keeps sun out of the eyes while shading the face and neck from sunburns.

Today, ranchers, cowboys and farmers still wear cowboy hats. This style of hat has even graced runways across the world to evoke classic American. Since cowboy hats are such a popular choice, you have lots of options to choose from when it comes to style, design and pattern—and we have tons of varieties available at Carter’s Boots and Repair! Make sure you know what to look for when you’re picking out a cowboy hat in Bozeman, MT:

  • Sizing:
    Ordering a hat online without having the chance to try it on is a recipe for ill-fitting headwear. Buying a hat that’s too small may be uncomfortable and can even inhibit circulation in your head, leaving you with marks across your forehead when you remove your hat. A hat that’s too big is likely to fall off and won’t do you much good. Go to a store that offers fittings so that you know what size hat you need to fit the circumference of your head.
  • Function:
    Cowboy hats were designed to be functional, so it’s important to think about what you’ll be using your hat for before you buy one. If you work outside or ride horseback, you should find a hat that’s going to rest securely on your head and will be comfortable to wear over long periods of time. If your hat is more of a fashion piece than anything else, you can look for something that offers more aesthetic appeal than long-term performance.
  • Style preferences:
    If you get a hat that doesn’t match your personal style and preferences, you probably won’t enjoy wearing it very much. Make sure you get something that you like and that you will want to continue to wear well into the future.
  • Dimensions:
    Different cowboy hats have different dimensions. There are varying brim widths and heights that you’ll have to think about. If you’re going to be working in your cowboy hat in Bozeman, MT, you should get something with a wider brim that’s more effective at shading you from the sun.

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