Let’s face it—even when you buy waterproof boots, snow, dirt and rain all have a way of getting inside your boots. That’s where gaiters come in. These covers provide the ultimate protection for people who are serious about their footwear. They’re a good choice, especially for people who are involved in activities like fly fishing, hiking in adverse weather, backpacking and snowshoeing.

There are as many kinds of gaiters on the market as there are boots in Bozeman, MT. For backpacking you’ll want gaiters that offer strong protection against rock abrasion, whereas for snow sports you’ll want waterproof, breathable fabric that keeps the moisture out. There are some that stand apart from the pack for their durability and quality. Here are the top choices when it comes to gaiters:

  • OUTAD Waterproof Outdoor Hiking:
    These gaiters provide a high level of breathability due to the excellent nylon fabric used. The Oxford fabric is durable, tear resistant and waterproof. They also include a metal hook at the bottom, which is handy for fastening shoelaces.
  • CNMODLE 1 Pair OUTAD Waterproof Outdoor Hiking:
    These are specially made leggings to deal with the snow. This is an ideal choice for hunting, hiking and outdoor climbing. They’re waterproof and use a breathable nylon fabric that’s tear resistant.
  • Outdoor Research Men’s Rocky Mountain High:
    This is an imported product that also incorporates nylon into the design along with a Hypalon instep strap. It includes a reinforced boot lace hook, and a bottom shear tab secures closure of the front.
  • Outdoor Gaiters Silicon Coated Nylon Waterproof:
    This pair of gaiters is specifically crafted with lightweight, silicon-coated, waterproof nylon fabric. This makes it the perfect choice if you have a hike planned through either snow or sand.
  • STAY-DRI Gaiters:
    If you want durable, rip stop material, then this pair of gaiters is the one for you. It also includes multiple adjustment levels for both the mid and upper leg, along with an under-boot strap. It accommodates multiple boot sizes and incorporates a hook and loop closer.

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