“Throw it away and buy another” seems to be the ideology many people have adhered to these days. From clothing to television sets, no one seems to want to invest the time or effort into fixing what they have instead of just going out and buying a new one. Of course, in some cases, buying new makes sense—but it seems that many people don’t even consider repairing something as an option anymore.

As a local shop that offers boots for sale as well as high quality boot repair in Bozeman, MT, we’re often surprised at how many people come in looking for a new pair of boots when, in our opinion, the pair they have on their feet could be made just like new again. Boots can be expensive, and as much as we like to help our customers get what they want, we’re also in the business of helping our customers understand all their available options. With this in mind, here are the two main reasons why you should consider repairing your old boots instead of buying new ones.

Save money

Have you ever met anyone who wasn’t up for saving money? Neither have we, which is the main reason we don’t understand why many people don’t consider the value in having their boots repaired instead of replacing them. The average pair of quality boots typically costs about $300 to $350, while the average boot repair is a fraction of that cost. Of course, there are variables, such as the type of boot you are looking to buy or how much damage needs to be repaired on your old boots. However, you’ll find that, almost always, a repair is the better value. For a fraction of the cost of buying new boots, you can walk out of our store with boots that look just as good as new.

Save your feet

If you’ve had your boots for a long time, you may have forgotten how they felt when you first bought them. Brand new boots need to be broken in—that’s just a fact. If your boots are currently so old that you are thinking of replacing them, then they are probably about as comfortable as a pair of bedroom slippers by now. Even a well-fitted, brand new pair of boots will take about 100 to 200 hours of wear to feel like they’re broken in, which means you will have to wait about two weeks before they really start to feel comfortable. With a boot repair, however, you get the best of both worlds—your boots look like new, but they are still broken in and comfortable.

However, sometimes boots aren’t worth repairing, and boot repair in Bozeman, MT just isn’t a good investment. If that’s the case with your boots, we will definitely let you know. But if you want to save money and your feet, be sure to let us know that you would like to consider repairing your boots before opting to buy new ones. At Carter’s Boots and Repair, we’ll be happy to show you all your options!