You might’ve come across the term gaiter when researching outdoor gear, but, what exactly are gaiters? How do you choose them and why do some people wear them with their hunting or hiking boots in Bozeman, MT?

About Gaiters

Basically, gaiters are a fabric guard that goes over the gap between your pants and boots. Some folks choose to wear gaiters while out on hikes to prevent kicked up debris—like rocks, mud and sand—from landing inside footwear or hitting the backs of legs and pants. Having to trek on with a stone in the bottom of your boot is not ideal or comfortable!

Additionally, if you’re hunting or hiking and it starts to rain, you will soon encounter puddles of water, mud or even sludge. You might even come up on streams and marshes on your adventure. Gaiters are the perfect outdoor accessory to take on these types of wet situations and more.

Do you know what gaiters look like? Picture a cut-off sleeve with strap attachments that wrap around your ankle to hook under the heel of your boots. For an extra snug fit, gaiters also fasten at the top of the boot. Adjust the drawcords or straps for a snug fit. For the best waterproof seal over your hunting or hiking boots and socks, wear gaiters under rain or waterproof pants.


Some hunting and hiking situations involve water. Luckily, waterproof model gaiters offer protection from wet conditions—even if you are outside in wet conditions for several days. Waterproof gaiters repel rain and snow, and they can handle crossing streams and super muddy trails. Choose from ankle- and calf-high models.

Or, you can get lightweight and breathable water-resistant gaiters made of nylon or a soft-shell fabric. They keep debris out of boots, but anything more than light rain will soak them through.


Calf-high gaiters can reach as high as the knee. They perform best in weather conditions that are consistently wet and cold, but to stay cool in warm rain or temps 40 degrees and up, wear them with shorts. Waterproof calf-high gaiters fitted with wide, secure zipper flaps allow wearers to go into streams up to eight inches deep.

Ankle-high gaiters work very well with low-cut boots. They can block sand, pebbles, twigs, hail, snow and more from getting lodged inside your boots. Hiking in the desert? Opt for a thin, non-waterproof version of these gaiters.

Kenetrek Hunting/Hiking Gaiters

Kenetrek gaiters have a front opening feature so they slip on easily, but also stay in place when you are moving about. The adjustable lock buckles keep out all sorts of debris, such as snow, stones and dirt, and they offer waterproof and breathable protection all year round.

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