Front Range

DISCLAIMER: If on backorder, these can take up to 20 weeks to get in.

Meet the Front Range™ Boots from Frank's—an epitome of versatility seamlessly blending office and industrial work with trail-ready durability. Designed to cater to all needs, these boots are fully rebuildable and resoleable, ensuring longevity and sustainability. Crafted from 7.5 to 8 oz full-grain water-resistant leather, they provide robust protection in various environments.

The unique design features a high heel and arch support meticulously crafted to balance your body weight, maximizing comfort even during extended wear. The standard option offers a Walnut hue, smooth finish, pull loop, Mini Vibram sole, Logger Heel, and brass hooks/eyes. With an 8" height and Toe Shape 3 on the 55 Last, these boots exemplify both style and functionality. Explore the Front Range™ Boots and experience the perfect blend of rugged durability and versatile design for any terrain or work setting.