Nogales 1.25”-1” Neckdown Full Quill Ostrich Belt

Elevate your style with our 1.25"-1" tapered Full Quill Ostrich Belt, meticulously crafted in Nogales, Texas. This distinctive accessory embodies a perfect blend of sophistication and Southwestern charm, showcasing the unique texture of full quill ostrich leather. With a width of 1.25 inches, this belt offers a sleek and versatile addition to your wardrobe.

Designed for both style and durability, this belt seamlessly combines exquisite craftsmanship with the distinctive elegance of full quill ostrich leather. Please note that the sterling silver belt buckle set is not included, but each belt comes with a nickel buckle and a leather keeper. Embrace the character of Nogales, Texas, with an accessory that not only complements your attire but also reflects a commitment to quality and timeless design. Step into the world of refined fashion with our Full Quill Ostrich Belt, a true testament to Texas craftsmanship.