Pedag Viva

Experience the ultimate comfort and support with the pedag Viva, our signature orthotic insole handmade in Germany using premium vegetable-tanned leather. Designed to fit snugly into any shoe or boot, this insole offers a universal footbed that fully supports your feet and helps to alleviate arch and back pain.

The pedag Viva boasts a semi-rigid longitudinal arch and plantar vault, evenly distributing the pressure on your feet and offering unparalleled comfort. Its built-in orthopedic metatarsal pad supports your metatarsal arch, reducing the risk of splayfoot and pressure on your nerves. Additionally, the cushioning in the heel effectively absorbs shock, preventing any unnecessary impact.

Not only does the pedag Viva offer superior comfort, but it also creates a breathable climate within your shoes, helping to prevent instances of athlete’s foot. This insole's natural materials and activated carbon odor control work together to eliminate bad odors and promote a healthy environment for your feet.

At pedag, we care about your safety as much as we care about your comfort. That's why the pedag Viva is sustainably made with vegetable-tanned leather and water-based adhesives, ensuring no harmful solvents are present.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance awarded to pedag Viva for promoting foot health speaks to the effectiveness of our product. Upgrade your footwear experience today and give your feet the support they deserve with the pedag Viva.